National Live Creative Day Shortbread

I was more of a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz guy back then. Wait, what?

PC hardware and computing

  1. Seasonic FOCUS Plus Platinum 550W PSU review @ PC Perspective
  2. MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic review @ bit-tech
  3. ADATA SX8000 M.2 512 GB SSD review @ Guru3D
  4. XSPC RayStorm Threadripper waterblock on Ryzen 7 @ HardOCP
  5. Review: Corsair TX-850M 850W PSU @ Hexus
  6. be quiet! SFX L 600W power supply review @ KitGuru
  7. Open Mesh A40 & A60 access points reviewed @ SmallNetBuilder
  8. Silverstone Kublai KL07 review @ TechPowerUp
  9. Philips 349X7FJEW monitor review @ TFT Central
  10. Unitek 10-Port USB charging station review @     ThinkComputers

Games and VR

  1. Nintendo likes money again, bringing back NES Classic Edition "next summer" @ ArsTechnica
  2. AI recreates video game engine after watching two minutes of gameplay @ New Atlas
  3. Okami HD painted onto PC in December @ Rock Paper Shotgun
  4. Electronic Arts is really excited about not letting you own any games @ Quarter To Three

Science, hacks, makers and gadgets

  1. Cassini on course for destruction after final Titan flyby @ New Atlas
  2. A noob's guide to McMaster-Carr @ HackADay (frequently an invaluable resource)
  3. Fire ant venom might contain treatment for psoriasis @ New Atlas
  4. Robot graffiti @ HackADay

Tech news and culture

  1. Amazon's Whole Foods price cuts brought 25 percent jump in shoppers @ Slashdot
  2. Rotten Tomatoes scores don't correlate to box office success or woes, research shows @ Polygon
  3. French company plans to heat homes, offices with AMD Ryzen Pro processors @ Slashdot
  4. Wolfram Alpha shows its work @ HackADay ("Obviously, I know how it works if I programmed my calculator to solve it for me"—did that line work on your math teachers?)

Cheese, memes, and RGB LEDs

  1. Team Group Delta RGB DDR4-3000 16GB review @ Tom's Hardware
  2. Not your typical gender reveal: Minnesota couple decide to learn the sex of their baby with cheese @ (sorry, slow week for cheese news)
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    • etana
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<]Electronic Arts is really excited about not letting you own any games @ Quarter To Three[/quote<] Nice to see that EA is still at the forefront of video gaming deuchebaggery

    • ronch
    • 2 years ago

    Why not just call this day Creative Sound Blaster Live! Day??

    I bet my el cheapo Realtek ALC889 can match an SB Live! any day of the week!!

      • Redocbew
      • 2 years ago

      Also known as “OMG Horrible Drivers Day”?

        • just brew it!
        • 2 years ago

        They weren’t that bad if you didn’t install all of Creative’s bloatware.

          • Redocbew
          • 2 years ago

          Yeah, for the Live I guess that’s true. I remember having one of those and thinking it was pretty nifty at the time.

            • just brew it!
            • 2 years ago

            Yup. Sounded better than any onboard of the day, and I kept wondering what all the bitching was about because mine never gave me any problems. Carried it across multiple builds until I finally upgraded to a TBSC.

    • Unknown-Error
    • 2 years ago

    What is Raven-Ridge boost speed?

    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<] AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Single-Core Score - 3561 (?.? GHz) Multi-Core Score - 9421 (2.0 GHz, 4C/8T) AMD A12-9800 Single-Core Score - 2607 (4.2 GHz) Multi-Core Score - 6329 ( 3.8 GHz, 2M/4T) Intel Core i7-7920HQ @ 3.09 GHz Single-Core Score - 4883 (4.1 GHz) Multi-Core Score - 15547 (3.1 GHz, 4C/8T)

      • nico1982
      • 2 years ago

      Mandolin is a nice name.

      There’s a great variance in Coffee Lake ULVs results (likely dependant on cooling) and that 2500U seems to match the slowest ones. It might be good news or bad news depending on the test setup…

        • Unknown-Error
        • 2 years ago

        i7-8650U is only 15W while the “U” in the the 2500U stands for as” standard mobile” which maybe be in the 20W to 34W range. “M” is for “Low Power Mobile” and should be 19W or less. “H” is for “High Performance Mobile” should likely be in the 35W to 45W range.

        [url<][/url<] Max XFR for 65W Ryzen 5 is 3.9 GHz (1500X). So to judge the Single thread performance we need an estimation for the 2500U max boost. Generic Ryzen 5 1400 at 3.4 GHz can go over 4000 points. [url<][/url<]

    • albundy
    • 2 years ago

    props for sound blaster live day! those were the days! Aureal 3D Vortex was competing against it. I ended up getting both for 2 builds. The Aureal sounded just as good for half the price.

    from the wiki:
    “Creative Labs sued Aureal for patent infringement in March 1998 [1], and Aureal countersued for patent infringement and deceptive trade practices. Aureal won the lawsuit brought by Creative in December 1999. However, the cost of the legal battle caused Aureal’s investors to cease funding operations, forcing Aureal into bankruptcy. Creative then acquired Aureal’s assets in September 2000”

      • etana
      • 2 years ago

      i remember. Never bought Creative again after that. I had an M-Audio Revolution for as long as i could get working drivers. Now Realtek is good enough.

    • 2 years ago

    As nice as that Seasonic 550W platinum PSU at $100 is,I think the real GEM is
    the gold version at $60-
    To quote OklahomaWolf-” The bottom line is, this is perhaps the best performing 550W unit I’ve seen thus far.”
    [url<][/url<] Only downside 550W is the smallest they go-thro 450 available in part and non-modular. expect to see these recommended in next "system builds"

    • 2 years ago

    And in other news-
    [url<][/url<] I read this as apple saying-"We design phones to last one year" Wonder if the hex at $1K will only last a year...................................

    • Growler
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<]National Live Creative Day Shortbread[/quote<] I usually prefer my creatives to be live. The dead ones don't really produce much and start to stink after a while.

    • Neutronbeam
    • 2 years ago

    Whoa! A slow week for cheese news when this is almost upon us?!

    [url<][/url<] After DragonCon, this is the next big thing to look forward to. Nanoflower and Ryu Connor are barely containing their excitement about it!

    • chuckula
    • 2 years ago

    [quote<]Cassini on course for destruction after final Titan flyby @ New Atlas[/quote<] Job well done Cassini. It's better to burn up in Saturn's atmosphere than to fade away! FYI, here's the wiki article on [url=<]Cassini's 16-bit, redundant, radiation-hardened system processor[/url<].

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