Western Digital offers datacenters 12 TB of Gold

Western Digital (WD) has a wide range of hard drive variations, sometimes a little tricky to keep track of. Regular consumer drivers come are labeled and colored Blue and Black, NAS drives are the Reds, surveillance storage is colored Purple, and the datacenter, endurance-oriented HDDs come in a Gold outfit. The Gold family is now getting a new member with a whopping 12 TB capacity.

This drive is the first with a 12 TB capacity in WD's entire lineup, and has a 7200 RPM rotation speed and a big 256 MB chunk of cache. According to WD, transfer speeds to and from the drive can hit 255 MB/s, likely thanks to its massive areal density. Since the HDD is part of the Gold family, reliability and endurance are two key characteristics. WD says the drive is capable of dealing with around 550 TB of I/O per year, a figure it claims is "among the highest of any 3.5-inch hard drive." The 12 TB Gold HDD's mean time between failures (MTBF) ought to be around 2.5 million hours, too.

The drive's heavy-duty characteristics don't stop there. As befits an enterprise hard drive, the WD 12 TB Gold has vibration protection, time-limited error recovery (TLER) for RAID setups, and a dual-stage head actuator. Interested system administators can check out the drive's detailed datasheet.

The Western Digital online store already has the drive at $522. Those who prefer to shop from Newegg can obtain it for a little more, at $540. WD offers a five-year warranty coverage across its entire Gold HDD lineup.

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