Rumor: AMD Raven Ridge APU scores appear on Geekbench

As far as we know, the next big release from AMD's CPU division should be the Ryzen-based APUs code-named "Raven Ridge." These chips are rumored to pair up to four Ryzen CPU cores with a graphics processor based on Vega's "NCU" design. A result popped up on Geekbench yesterday for just such a chip: a quad-core, eight-thread APU listed as the Ryzen 5 2500U. Grab the salt shaker.

The page identifies the purported chip as a Raven Ridge APU in many ways. Besides the codename itself, the Processor ID appears accurate, and the listed specifications match up with what we would expect from a hypothetical Ryzen APU. A few things stand out, though—the CPU identifies itself as being clocked at 2 GHz in its CPUID string. Geekbench reports that the chip has 4MB of L3 cache—if true, it's a welcome change from the previous-generation APUs which had none. Perhaps most curiously, Geekbench lists the system as having approximately 8 GB of memory clocked at just 300 MHz—almost certainly a failure to report properly on the part of the app.

So how does the chip perform? Well, our purported processor running at 2 GHz gleefully stomps all over the existing A12-9800 APU. This Geekbench result from a week ago shows the 3.8 GHz Bristol Ridge APU scoring 2675 in the single-threaded tests and 6775 in multi-core tests. Meanwhile, the "Ryzen 5 2500U" posts up 3561 in single-core and 9421 in multi-core tests. That's around a 30% gain over a CPU supposedly clocked a whole 1.8 GHz higher. Impressive stuff, to be sure, but keep in mind that a Ryzen APU would likely boost well above the listed 2 GHz.

These actually aren't the first benchmarks that have leaked out for Raven Ridge. Late last month, results for "Ryzen 5 2500U" and "Ryzen 7 2700U" APUs appeared in the GFXBench database. The results there are equally inspiring. Comparing the supposed Ryzen 7 APU's results to the A12-9800E, the older chip once again looks quite dated. Of particular note here are the "offscreen" results that use a standardized resolution. In every game-like test, the Ryzen 7 2700U posts double or more the performance of the Bristol Ridge chip. That's despite the fact that the two processors have similar scores in the "ALU 2" GPU compute test.

Much of the information that we have about Raven Ridge came from slides talking about its embedded cousin, "Great Horned Owl." Based on those slides, we'd expect the top-end Raven Ridge APU to sport a graphics core with 704 stream processors. We do know that the graphics processor in the Ryzen APUs will at least be a very close relative of Vega, because the Linux drivers for the chip describe it as such. In the company's post-launch Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) about Ryzen, AMD employees promised the Raven Ridge chips would arrive at the end of this year, and said that mobile variants would arrive first. Stay tuned for more information about Raven Ridge in the coming weeks.

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