Aorus H5 gaming headset is rather flashy

Gigabyte has been expanding its Aorus gaming brand over the last couple of years, and the company is now growing its presence into the realm of gaming audio with the Aorus H5 headset. The H5 is built around a pair of 50-mm drivers made from stiff, lightweight beryllium. "Gigabyte Aorus" contains the letters R, G, and B, and so does this headset. The sides of the cans can glow in conjunction with the rest of the lighting in an Aorus system thanks to Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software utility.

The Aorus H5 has in-line controls for headphone volume and muting the microphone. The mic itself is mounted to a flexible, detachable boom that allows users to wear the H5 around the house or in public. Whatever attention one might want to avoid by taking off the microphone might return several-fold if the lights on the sides of the earpieces are illuminated with rainbow colors, however. Those lights can cycle, breathe, or flash with any of 16.7 million available colors—or just stick with one hue and brightness level. Gigabyte says the Aorus H5 should provide prolonged comfort during long gaming sessions thanks to the headband's suspension and padding and the cushions on the ear cups.

The headset's 9.8' (3 m) cord terminates in three plugs: a pair of 3.5-mm jacks for the headphones and the microphone, and a USB 2.0 connector for powering up the light show. The Aorus H5 weighs in at 10 oz (285 g), not including the weight of that long tether. The cans' impedance is 32Ω, meaning they should be easily driven by portable devices. Gigabyte didn't provide pricing or availability information, but we think the headset will be available pretty soon with an asking price somewhat higher than the $70 tag attached to Gigabyte's existing XH300 cans.

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