Announcing the new TR forums

The lull during the holidays has given us the chance to make several improvements around here. Most importantly, we've built up and spit-shined our amazing new forums. Based on the excellent phpBB forum software, the new TR forums are much faster and more feature-laden than our previous setup. This setup has everything from HTML and a zillion different kind of smileys to online status detection via ICQ, AOL IM, MSM, and Yahoo! Pager¬ónot to mention a very nice core discussion forum engine that's a breeze to use. And, of course, our forums now run on our new web server, so they're fast, too.

As before, you'll need to register a separate account for the forums; we don't yet have integration between the forums and our comments system database. Go sign up now and get it over with.

If you're interested in moderating one of our new topic areas (or if you'd like to moderate one that isn't there yet), drop me some mail.

Thing should really be revving up here at TR as 2002 gets underway, and improvements to the site's basic infrastructure ought to help us keep things rolling as that happens. We've got an improved poll script running over there at the right. Dissonance says he'll have something "good" to replace my cheese poll soon.

Personally, I think cheese is good.

Finally, I've hacked together a long-needed tool for comments account management. You can now change the e-mail address associated with your comments account, so if you change ISPs, your comments account won't get orphaned. It's a PHP revolution!

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