EVGA Epower V breaks the shackles of stock GPU power delivery

EVGA and its competitors make some fantastic high-end graphics cards with power delivery sections that are both beautiful to behold and incredibly capable. Those sophisticated circuits still aren't enough for some extreme overclockers on the freezing edge of silicon clock rate capabilities, though. EVGA's Epower V standalone VRM board is designed for these people. The Epower V board is designed to deliver two fully-independent voltage outputs that can be adjusted on the fly using the integrated EVGA EVBot MkII controller.

The card takes in juice over three six-pin PCIe power connectors and uses a 12+2 regulator design built from International Rectifier chips to deliver power for a graphics card's core and memory subsystems. The Epower V has a pair of segmented LED displays to show the core and memory voltages in real time. A group of buttons allows control over the EVBot Mk II the old-fashioned way, while a USB Type-C port lets users manipulate the voltage levels through software. Overclockers can also connect a multimeter to the dedicated ProbeIT header for further voltage monitoring.

EVGA says the Epower V can deliver up to 600 A of current at anywhere between 600 mV and 2.0 V to the core circuit of a connected graphics card and up to 80 A at voltage levels from 600 mV to 2.3 V to the card's memory subsystem.

The Epower V is available now from EVGA for $250. The board has a one-year DOA warranty. Those who are interested in how one goes about connecting and using an über-niche piece of equipment like this can read K1NGP1N's tutorial here.

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