Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos Next block is ready for Threadripper

AMD's Ryzen Threadripper CPUs are so big that we've taken to using them as an object of scale to represent the size of other devices. Giant CPUs beget giant cooling hardware to fully cover their heatspreaders, and Aqua Computer wants to make sure that liquid-cooling enthusiasts with Threadripper processors aren't left in the lurch. The German group has updated its Cuplex Kryos Next waterblock with a TR4-compatible version.

Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos Next in black acetal and nickel

In case you missed us talking about it before, the Cuplex Kryos Next comes with "Vario" or "Vision" features, as well as models with both characteristics. "Vario" refers to the waterblocks' ability to adjust the shape of their cold plates in real time to ensure the best fit with the CPU socket. Meanwhile, "Vision" models have an OLED right on the block that can display temperatures, clocks, and other information in real time.

You can buy your Cuplex Kryos Next in a variety of styles. Aqua Computer offers models with copper, nickel-plated brass, black acetal, or transparent acetal housings. The base can be finished in bare copper, nickel-plated copper, or sterling silver. The TR4-SP3 version of the Cuplex Kryos Next starts at about 65€ and goes up from there. You can pick it up directly from Aqua Computer's web shop.

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