Radeon 17.9.2 drivers put the pedal to the metal for Project Cars 2

If you've just picked up a shiny new Radeon RX Vega card and you're keen to do some hyper-realistic racing, make sure you grab the latest AMD drivers. Just like the guys in green, AMD released a driver update yesterday that adds specific support for Project Cars 2. Radeon Software version 17.9.2 also adds CrossFire support for Radeon RX Vega cards, though only dual-card configurations are supported. This release is marked as Optional, so it's not super critical if you're not experiencing issues or not planning to play Project Cars 2.

Maybe when the crypocurrency furor finally dies down, we can pick up some cheap Vega cards to pair up for some play time. Speaking of the RX Vega, if you use the ReLive capture tool and your GPU doesn't drop to a lower power state after exiting your game, you'll need to restart the machine. If your RX Vega card is missing the "Enhanced Sync" toggle in Radeon Settings, you'll need to fully uninstall and do a clean reinstall of the drivers.

The new driver release fixes an issue with the game Hearts of Iron IV where it would hang the system in campaign mode, and it also resolves the strange "1603 Error" message while installing the drivers. Finally, be careful in WattMan, because it may not correctly restore default settings after a system hang. All of these are known issues, so AMD should have fixes before long.

Check out the full release notes here, although we've covered most of it for you already. You can grab the Windows 10 64-bit version of the drivers from this page. If you need a different version, hit up AMD's download page.

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