G.Skill unleashes AMD-ready Trident Z RGB kits up to 3200 MT/s

Debates over whether memory performance is worth messing with have raged in hardware forums for decades. There are arguments to be made on Intel platforms, but on AMD's Ryzen CPUs there's no question: you want fast RAM. That extends to Ryzen Threadripper, too, which still benefits quite a bit from hot-clocked DIMMs. Fortunately, G.Skill is ready to serve. The company just announced a new set of Trident Z RGB kits aimed directly at Ryzen builders, ranging up to 3200 MT/s with a crazy-low CAS latency of 14 cycles.

The kits come in eight-module versions intended for Ryzen Threadripper, two-module variants for Socket AM4 Ryzen processors, and four-module packages that will work in either. The fastest 3200 MT/s tier of Trident Z RGB memory only comes in one-DIMM-per-channel flavor for either CPU, but the 2933 MT/s and 2400 MT/s kits scale all the way up to 64 GB on dual-channel rigs or 128 GB on quad-channel setups. The faster RAM does require a higher-than-standard 1.35 V signaling voltage, but that's the price you pay for performance.

The table above enumerates all the new kits G.Skill will be offering. The company provides a plethora of RAM packages now, so to help users pick out the right product, G.Skill helpfully points out that Trident Z RGB kits meant specifically for AMD processors will have model numbers ending in "X". The company didn't provide us any pricing information for the new RAM, but said it should be available next month.

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