Rumor: Leaked AMD roadmap pins Zen 2 for 2019

Maybe you're burnt out on all the rumors and leaks about Intel's eighth-gen CPUs. Here's something a little different, then. Spanish site Informatica Cero claims to have gotten hold of a leaked AMD roadmap displaying the company's plans for the next couple years regarding APUs and desktop CPUs. Please help yourselves to the rock salt in that jug over there and read on.

Source: Informatica Cero

First, let's talk desktop CPU parts. Ryzen's purported successor is codenamed Pinnacle Ridge, and it may arrive in 2018 using the same Summit Ridge architecture but with a "performance uplift." What that exactly means is anyone's guess, but we're placing our bets on a much-needed clock speed boost originating at least in part from a move to GloFo's 12LP process. Those who already bought expensive decked-out X370 boards may be able to rest easy, too. If the roadmap is true, Pinnacle Ridge will still use Socket AM4.

The rumor that's likely to water everyone's mouths pertains to Matisse, or what could be called Ryzen 2. The connection between the painter and a CPU is anyone's guess, unless there's a ratio between core counts and the number of dots in one of his pointillistic paintings. If the info in the slide is legit, Matisse will arrive in 2019 with "Zen 2" cores onboard. There's no further details in the slide, though, other than the fact that Socket AM4 will still be the platform of choice.

There's also word-by-rumor that the Ryzen mobile APUs (née Raven Ridge) slated for 2018 might have up to eight Zen threads. We take that to mean that we could see quad-core models with SMT. The Raven Ridge chips are also rumored to pack 11 of Vega's CUs for graphics horsepower. In desktop machines, these chips might go into Socket AM4 as usual, while in notebooks they could go into a new Socket FP5.

Continuing with the famous painter theme, the leaked roadmap pins Picasso as Raven Ridge's successor. The purported new APUs are pinned for 2019 and will use the same Raven Ridge architecture, except with a "power/performance uplift." Once again, we'd wager this means a process shrink and the resulting clock-speed boost. Should the roadmap pan out, Picasso APUs will slot into the same AM4 and FP5 sockets as Raven Ridge chips. All we know right now is that the CPU wars are as involved as Picasso's Guernica.

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