Nvidia wants you to Forge Your Army in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Over the years, Nvidia has put its engineers to work on modifying and optimizing the graphics technology in quite a number of PC games. The latest game to go through the green team's training regimen is Middle-earth: Shadow of War. To make sure that GeForce gamers enjoy the fruits of its labors, Nvidia just announced the "Forge Your Army" bundle. Until October 16, anyone who buys a GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti graphics card (or a system or laptop containing one) is eligible for a free copy of Shadow of War.

The original Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was notable in its day if for no other reason than being one of the first games that could overrun 4 GB of video RAM. In 2014 when the game released, there weren't many graphics cards equipped with more than 4 GB of onboard memory, meaning that you needed a GeForce GTX Titan to enjoy the full-quality texture pack. The game offered lush visuals, which is somewhat ironic considering that it takes place in the brutal, ruined province of Mordor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War appears to carry on the legacy of its predecessor, at least in the sense that it's hard on systems when the image quality settings are turned up. For "Ultra" settings in 2560x1440, Nvidia recommends a GeForce GTX 1080. For those same settings in 3840x2160, the company claims you'll need not one but in fact a pair of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards. The video above shows off the game in 4K resolution, and it certainly does look nice.

Shadow of War also supports Nvidia Ansel. I've had the opportunity to enjoy Ansel lately in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. It's a very cool tool if you're a fan of game art, so you should check it out if you have a chance. You can enjoy some of the fruits of Ansel over at DeadEndThrills. The game is slated for an October 10 release. The Forge Your Army bundle only runs until October 16, so get your order in quickly.

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