Radeon 17.9.3 drivers are ready for Total War: Warhammer II

Dang, it sure feels like it was just short while ago that AMD released a pack of Radeon drivers—oh wait, it was. The red team's software developers can't take a break, though. AMD just let loose the Radeon 17.9.3 drivers with support for Total War: Warhammer II and Forza Motorsport 7.

Look at my sword, my sword is amazing.

This driver release is a small one, but it's still more than welcome. Along with support for the forementioned titles, there are a couple bug fixes. RX Vega owners furiously looking for the Enhanced Sync drop-down option in Radeon Settings will finally find it. Those lucky ones with multi-card RX Vega setups on Ryzen systems shouldn't see the cards' idle clock bumped up when ReLive is running. Finally, F1 2017 players with multiple RX 580 cards should see the game actually run faster than with a single card now.

The known issues list includes a few items. WattMan may not apply user-specified voltages in some situations, and Radeon Settings may not immediately populate its game profiles list after it's been installed. Overwatch might hang on some systems, too, and display scaling remains non-functional on some DirectX 11 applications.

It's possible that the Radeon Settings app has already let you know about the new release. If that's not the case, then head on to AMD's download page to grab the new drivers and perhaps peruse the release notes.

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