Team Group Cardea Zero M.2 SSDs are slim and cool

Most of the talk in the SSD world revolves around names like Crucial and Samsung. Team Group wants to distinguish its offerings from those of the major players, and it's thinking that heat dissipation is the name of the game. Not that long after showing off its Cardea M.2 SSDs with massive heatsinks, the company's now pulling back the curtain on the Cardea Zero M.2 drives, available in 240 GB and 480 GB sizes.

Team Group claims that the surface covering the chips in the Cardea Zero SSDs is made of graphene and copper foil, and should offer "excellent heat dissipation" even if the SSD is an enclosed area. The company claims the combination of materials in the 0.185-mm thick heatsink should let the SSD stay 8% cooler, presumably compared against a bare drive.

Heatsink aside, the Cardea Zero 240 GB drive should be able to hit 2600 MB/s in sequential reads and 1400 MB/s in sequential writes. Random I/O figures are solid, too, at 180K IOPS for random reads and 140K IOPs for random writes. The 480 GB model is faster than its smaller cousin, but not by much. Sequential operation speeds get a 50 MB/s boost, and there are 10K more random write IOPs on tap.

The drives should last for a good long while, too. Team Group says the 240GB Cardea Zero should be good for 335 TB written, while the bigger 480GB unit ought to be able to last through 670TB of writes. The company offers three-year warranty coverage on the Cardea Zero SSDs.

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