Rumor: Intel slides talk chipsets, Gemini Lake SoCs, and an Optane SSD

GamersNexus isn't our usual source of leaks, but nevertheless the folks there published a few slides that they claim are from an internal Intel document. The images appear to detail the company's upcoming releases. Most of the info in the slides isn't new, but there are a few interesting bits of data regarding Apollo Lake's successor, the remainder of the 300-series chipsets, and a possible upcoming Optane SSD. As always, grab the Morton.

Coffee Lake is launching on October 5, but so far the only new chipset we've heard about is the overclocking-enabled Z370. According to GamersNexus' slides, we won't be seeing other variants until next year. The first slide lists H370, H310, B360, Q370, and Q360 chipsets slated for Q1 2018. Furthermore, we'll purportedly be seeing additional two-, four-, and six-core Coffee Lake desktop CPUs around the same time. Assuming this information is legitimate, some new chips will have a 35 W TDP rating, while others fit the existing 65 W TDP envelope.

Next, let's discuss the new rumored SoCs. According to the slides, Intel could be launching the Gemini Lake family of low-power SoCs somewhere between October 23 and November 7. The slides list three model numbers for "[four-] and [two-] core 10W SoCs": J5005, J4105, and J4005. The slides also list the chips under the familiar Celeron name as well as an as-yet-unseen "Pentium Silver" moniker. It's not clear what would be new about Gemini Lake chips versus the existing Apollo Lake chips, but if these slides are accurate, we'll know more in about a month.

Finally, the last slide leaked by GamersNexus talks about an Optane-based SSD intended for enthusiasts. The purported Optane SSD 900P should be an add-in card and will come in 280 GB and 480 GB capacities. The slide says the SSDs will be "optimized for Robert Space Industries' Star Citizen." Probably given that remark, GamersNexus speculates that the Optane 900P could be launched at the Star Citizen CitizenCon in Frankfurt on October 27.

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