Corsair's ST100 is one fully-featured headset stand

As happens with seemingly every aspect of personal computers and gaming, there's a developing trend in gaming headsets towards modularity and customizability. While integrated solutions like HyperX's Cloud series headsets are good for most folks, some gamers want to piece together a headset from individual headphones and add-on microphones like AntLion's ModMic 5. Corsair is moving in on this angle with its ST100 RGB Premium headset stand, which combines an external sound card with 7.1 sound virtualization, a two-port USB 3.0 hub, and RGB LED illumination into one stylish aluminum package.

Headset not included

The foundation of the ST100 is a black anodized aluminum frame with a healthy coating of rubber on the bottom surface to keep it from sliding around on a desk. Inside that frame lies a USB sound card with 7.1 sound virtualization for a set of headphones, and a microphone input. Virtual surround audio isn't new, but the stand allows gamers to have surround sound on any set of headphones they want to use. The outside of the stand sports a pair of USB 3.0 ports and standard 3.5-mm jacks. The ST100 has RGB LED illumination across nine zones. The light show can be coordinated with other sailboat-branded parts and peripherals using Corsair's Cue utility.

Corsair has decided on a price of $60 for the ST100, which seems reasonable given the promised premium-quality construction and the sheer number of itches the device scratches simultaneously. The manufacturer backs the device with a two-year warranty. Interested buyers can find the ST100 at Newegg or at Amazon. I only wish Corsair would have integrated a couple of wall-mounting holes into the bottom.

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