Tuesday deals: cheap Ryzens, motherboards, and storage

Sometimes, when I sit down at my workstation with a fresh cup of coffee and a Twinkie, I peer out the window at the rain and think: "I should go shopping." Fortunately, in 2017 that means braving aggressive advertisements and slimy scams rather than stepping into the storm. This morning, the superior shopping opportunities are on Ryzen CPUs and a few compatible motherboards. We've also got a killer offer on an external hard drive.

Jeff told you yesterday about some killer prices on Ryzen CPUs at the 'Egg, but you can actually pick them up even cheaper today at Wal-Mart. Wally World has the Ryzen 7 1800X for $100 off, bringing it to $399. If you're handy with overclocking, you might pick up most of the performance of that chip with a Ryzen 7 1700X for $299 instead. Sure, Coffee Lake is less than two days away, but it's not as if these Ryzen CPUs will suddenly become slow.

You'll need a motherboard for your new machine, and Newegg can help you out there. All of ASRock's X370 motherboards are on sale. The standout deal from the group is on the Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X board that normally goes for $160. Newegg's marked the board down to $130, a good price for a full-featured X370 board with dual M.2 sockets, an Intel Ethernet controller, metal-wrapped PCIe slots, and SLI support. There's a $20 mail-in rebate on offer, too.

Finally, if you need a big chunk of external storage, Best Buy is practically giving away Seagate Backup Plus drives with 4TB capacity. These are desktop-style drives that connect to USB 3.0 and a power adapter. The drives were originally priced at $120, but right now they're going for just $70. That's not a lot of cash for 4TB of storage, so we'd jump on this deal sooner rather than later if you're keen to pick one up. We'll do the math for you: the price works out to $17.5 per terabyte. That's probably a historic low right there.

That's all for today, folks! There's a chance you're looking for something we haven't covered. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg and Amazon, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at the Microsoft Store and Das Keyboard's shop.

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