Desktop Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs are now known as Pentium Gold

Over the last few years, one of the most confusing parts of Intel's product stack has been the series of low-end parts. The company has produced Celeron and Pentium processors using both its large-and-fast desktop cores and its lightweight low-power cores. That led to multiple CPUs equally labeled "Pentium" but with wildly disparate performance. Today, a longtime tipster and friend of the site pointed us to a Product Change Notification buried in Intel's website that indicates that Kaby Lake-based desktop Pentium G4560, G4600, and G4620 chips will be rebranded as "Pentium Gold" CPUs.

This news comes not even a week after purportedly-leaked documents marked down possibly-upcoming Gemini Lake SoCs for a new "Pentium Silver" branding. The combination would make sense: the fast desktop-core-based Pentiums will be "Gold," while the power-efficient Gemini Lake chips could then be "Silver."

The Product Change Notification document also describes changes to both the global and Chinese box art, and mentions that Intel's customers (meaning OEMs and resellers like Newegg) must be ready for the new branding by November 2. Don't be too shocked if you see Pentium Gold CPUs in stores sooner rather than later.

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