der8auer and Caseking ready up tweaked Core i7-8700K CPUs

Seemingly everyone wants to go for a swim in the deepest reaches of Coffee Lake with Intel's range-topping Core i7-8700K. The chip has been pretty hard to find so far, but der8auer and his employers at German retailer Caseking have some very special i7-8700K's in stock for those willing to pay premium prices. Caseking's chips are de-lidded, binned, and at the most extreme level, topped off with an aftermarket heat spreader made of 99.9% silver.

Image source: der8aur's Facebook page

Caseking is offering binned chips guaranteed to hit 4.8 GHz to 5.2 GHz in three different versions, all etched with der8auer's and Caseking's logos. Chips labeled Advanced have been de-lidded and have a stock IHS, Pro versions are de-lidded with a polished stock IHS, and Ultra edition chips have had the stock IHS knocked off and replaced with an aftermarket all-silver unit. Each CPU is sold with notes about the voltage needed to reach the specified overclocked frequency. All chips meet their target speeds at no more than 1.4 V.

The binned and de-lidded chips are listed on Caseking's website right now. The only version in stock at the time of writing is the 5.1 GHz bin of the Advanced series chips for 580€ (about $544 without VAT). The least-expensive option is the 4.8 GHz Advanced chip at 440€ (approximately $413). The top of the range is the 5.2 GHz Ultra that goes for a heady 870€ (a little more than $816). For reference, Caseking offers tray versions of the stock Core i7-8700K processor for 325€ (about $305).

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