EK CoolStream Slim radiators go where no radiator has gone before

When I started building computers back in the early days of Socket 7, 60-mm fans were the standard option and 80-mm fans were the exotic oversized choice. These days we've moved up to 120-mm and 140-mm spinners because they move more air at lower RPMs, meaning they cool better while producing less noise. As EKWB points out though, 140-mm fans are becoming less "exotic" and more "standard" by the day. The company just launched a new line of radiators called CoolStream Slim in 140-mm and 280-mm sizes.

The CoolStream Slim radiators are exactly 140 mm wide. That means these radiators might fit in places where other units that are wider than the fan mount might not. They're also relatively thin at 28 mm, so EK gave them a tight fin pitch of 22 fins per inch (FPI). The radiators themselves are made of copper. You can use any standard 140-mm fans on the CoolStream SE, but you'll probably want to be careful to choose fans with high static pressure due to radiators' narrowly-spaced fins.

The CoolStream SE radiators come in any color you want as long as it's black. You can order them from EK's webshop right now. The 140-mm version goes for 50€ ($49 without VAT) while the 280-mm model goes for 70€ (or about $68).

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