Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L fits liquid cooling on the cheap

Besides multi-zoned RGB LED lighting and tempered glass side panels, the biggest trend in PC cases in 2017 has to be flat, featureless front panels. Cooler Master's MasterBox MB600L dips one toe into the slab-faced party while still optionally offering provisions for a single 5.25" drive. The case will arrive in versions with or without the external-facing bay. Available finishes include gunmetal grey, blue, and red trim for buyers with varying degrees of extroversion.

The MB600L is an ATX-sized case made mostly of steel with the power supply sitting in a full-length shroud visible through the acrylic side panel. Builders will be able to fit power supplies as long as 7.1" (18 cm), CPU air coolers as tall as 6.3" (16 cm), and graphics cards as long as 16.1" (40 cm) into the case. Cable management freaks will appreciate the 0.6" to 0.9" of space alloted between the back of the motherboard tray and the steel right panel. The front of the case has a pair of USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks. Digital pack rats can fit up to two 3.5" drives and a 2.5" device in the case, plus whatever M.2 storage is mounted on their motherboard.

Luddites clinging to their optical drives can fit radiators up to 280 mm long in the MB600L. Those who already eschewed physical media can cram 360-mm heat exchangers into the front of the case. Buyers will need to make sure their 360-mm radiator stack is no thicker than 2" (5 cm), though. The only other fan mount in the case is the 120-mm mount cut into the rear panel.

Cooler Master says the MasterBox MB600L is available now, but we weren't able to find it for sale at our favorite e-tailers just yet. The company says the MB600L should go for $50 and includes one 120-mm fan mounted to the rear panel.

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