Take a shot at winning Nvidia's Ultimate GeForce PC

Would you like to donate to the GameChanger charity? What if there's a custom-built PC worth $15,000 as a potential prize? Bet that whet your appetite. Nvidia is putting up a Ultimate GeForce PC up for grabs in a charity drive raffle. The machine's unique enclosure was designed and built by UK-based Parvum Systems.

The one-off custom chassis is made out of milled aluminum and weighs a rather hefty 48 lbs (or 22kg), a figure that likely includes the hardware inside. And there's a substantial amount of computing power inside indeed. The Asus X99-E WS workstation-grade motherboard hosts a hexa-core Core i7-6850K CPU cooled by an EKWB EK-Kit 240 open-loop cooler. The CPU is accompanied by 32 GB of HyperX Predator DDR4 memory clocked at 3000 MT/s. As you'd imagine, Nvidia outfitted the Ultimate GeForce PC with one of its own GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards.

Storage is handled by a rather-impressive Samsung 960 Pro 2TB NVMe drive, while power delivery is taken care of by a Silverstone SST-SX700 SFX-L modular power supply with an 80 Plus Platinum rating and modular cabling. If you're wondering about that particular choice of component, it's because the entire machine is "smaller than most ATX chassis." Razer throws in a full set of gunmetal-gray accessories: a BlackWindow X Chroma keyboard, a Lancehead TE mouse on an Invicta mouse pad, and a Kraken headset. Nvidia estimates the entire caboodle is worth around $15,000.

To get a chance at having your cute gerbil paws on the Ultimate GeForce PC, head on over to the GameChanger raffle and throw in at least $5. Each five-dollar bill gets you an entry, so feel free to donate as much as you want to a worthy cause. If you end up not winning the PC, there's still hope. Runner-ups have a chance at OCZ SSDs, GeForce USB drives, Razer Kraken Pro V2 headsets, and a ton of game codes including Destiny 2 keys.

Hit up the GameChanger charity drive and throw your Abe Lincolns in the pot. You have until October 25, so hurry up.

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