Oculus teases $199 Go standalone VR headset at Connect conference

At its Oculus Connect 4 conference today, the virtual-reality firm debuted the standalone headset it intends to bridge mobile VR and PC-powered VR headsets. Called Oculus Go, the more-accessible headset will be available for $199 early next year, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Oculus hardware head Hugo Barra says the headset is designed to be light, easily adjustable, and comfortable, with a mesh face cushion that's claimed to be breathable and comfortable. The headset uses new lenses that are meant to reduce flare, coupled with a 2560x1440 "fast-switch" LCD screen that's meant to offer sharp text and visuals. The company will begin shipping developer kits for the new hardware next month.

The company didn't share other details of the device at this time, including the underlying computing platform, control schemes, or tracking capabilities. The pricing of the headset promises to perk up the ears of the still-nascent VR headset market, though.

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