Oculus permanently chops the Rift + Touch bundle price to $399

Remember the Summer of Rift promotion? The previously-expensive Oculus Rift-and-Touch combo pack had its price dropped to $399 during summer. According to Oculus, the move resulted in shipping a couple truckloads of headsets, so the company took the next logical step. The Oculus Rift bundle is now permanently priced at $399.

To recap, the Oculus Rift bundle includes a VR headset, two tracking sensors, a pair of hand controllers, and a pack of VR titles including the awesome Robo Recall and the Medium and Quill applications. That'll be enough to get even the most demading VR users started.

The Oculus Rift didn't have the best of launches, as it originally released without the hand controllers and was mostly overshadowed by the HTC Vive. But credit must be given where credit is due, and Oculus (and its parent company Facebook) has pulled off some ballsy moves with bundles, pricing, and even with SDK features. Considering that $399 is what roughly what you'd pay for a mid-to-high-end graphics card, the amount seems pretty reasonable for a high-end VR experience.

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