MSI adds a Trio of fans to its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards

When it was time for a video card upgrade, I picked up an MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X largely based on the praise that Gerbil-in-chief Jeff heaped on MSI's Twin Frozr VI cooler. I don't care what my graphics card looks like, though. If you're the sort who bedecks their box in RGB LEDs and color-coordinates their components to match, the red color scheme of the Twin Frozr VI cards might not appeal to you. In that case, check out what MSI's got coming up: "Trio" versions of the GTX 1080 Ti Gaming and Gaming X cards.

These aren't MSI's first triple-fan GTX 1080 Ti cards—the company is already selling the GTX 1080 Ti "Duke" as well as the top-tier Lightning X cards. These Trio cards do sport a new black-and-grey cooler design speckled with RGB LED accents that you can configure using the MSI Gaming App. Visually, the cooler appears to be a triple-fan version of the Twin Frozr VI.

That makes sense given the fact that aside from the updated cooler, these cards appear to be similar to the standard dual-fan Gaming and Gaming X models. Core and memory clocks stay the same, so the Gaming X card runs at up to 1569 MHz base and 1683 MHz boost speeds in "OC Mode." The non-X card is a little slower at 1506 MHz base and 1620 MHz boost clocks. Even though the Trio cards appear to be much longer than the dual-fan Gaming series, pictures on MSI's site confirm that there isn't much (if any) difference in the board design.

MSI says the new Trio cards are out, though we couldn't find them in stateside e-stores just yet. The regular Gaming X variant is currently going for $770, so we figure the Trio variant will add a little to that price.

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