Corsair's LL-series RGB LED fans combine hub and ring lighting

Corsair knows that fans with RGB LED illumination are nothing new, and it's stepping up the game. The company has offered rotating airflow generators with the multicolored diodes in the plastic ring that surrounds the fan, as well as disco party fans with light coming from the hub. Now, Corsair's latest LL Series RGB fans combine hub and ring lighting into a single 16-LED amalgam that users control using the Lighting Node Pro hardware module and the Link software utility.

The outer perimeter of the LL Series fans is set off with 12 RGB LEDs mounted like the numbers on a clock. The fans' inner hub houses another four multicolored lights. All the diodes are shrouded behind semi-opaque plastic that diffuses the light. Users can choose from several lighting effects when the LL Series fans are used in conjunction with a Lighting Node Pro controller, including a new Pong lighting motion. As a reminder, the Node Pro's claim to fame is the ability to control individually-addressable RGB LEDs for complex light shows. Those who want their fans to be loud in the visible spectrum but not in the audible one will be happy to learn that the Dual Light Loop fans' rotation is controlled by a PWM signal.

Corsair is making LL Series fans in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes. Single 120-mm fans are available now from Newegg and Amazon for $35 each. The larger 140-mm spinners are also available from both retailers at $40 per unit. Most folks will probably be more interested in the three-pack of 120-mm fans that comes with one of Corsair's Lighting Node Pro controllers for $120, available through the Egg or the Rain Forest retailer. A similar bundle of two 140-mm fans and a controller box costs $100 at Amazon and Newegg.

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