Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission fines Qualcomm $774 million

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission announced yesterday that it suspects Qualcomm to be guilty of unfair business practices. The commission says that the California-based chipmaker forced licensees of its modems and platforms to agree to expensive licensing deals and reject competitors' offers. The decision comes along with a hefty fine to the tune of $23.4 billion New Taiwan dollars, or around $774 million USD.

Qualcomm naturally denies the allegations and intends to contest the decision. The company announced that it "intends to seek to stay any required behaviorial measures" and that it will appeal the decision in the Taiwanese courts. Qualcomm says that the fine "bears no rational relationship to the amount of Qualcomm's revenues or activites in Taiwan," and that it'll "appeal the amount of the fine and the method used to calculate it."

Whether there is any truth to the allegations isn't for us to say. However, as The Register points out, Qualcomm has previously faced castigation for anti-competitive actions in South Korea as well as its home court here in the US. Couple that with the chipmaker's brewing trouble with Apple, and it looks like the company will be tangled up in red tape for some time.

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