Riotoro Prism CR1088 chassis inverts the dual-chamber design

We got a brief look at Riotoro's Prism CR1088 ATX case at Computex at the beginning of June. The case appears to be nearing release, as the company has put up a product page and substantially more detail about what kind of hardware builders can expect to stuff into the squat-and-wide chassis. That width is put to use in a two-chamber layout with the motherboard and all its hardware friends on one side of a divider, and the power supply and storage devices on the other.

Despite the odd layout, the Prism CR1088 measures just 15.5" deep, 9" wide, and 14.2" tall (39 cm x 23 cm x 36 cm), and still fits full-size ATX motherboards and power supplies. Some sacrifices must be made, though. The maximum height for a CPU cooler is just 12.2 cm, so popular coolers with 120-mm fans like those in Cooler Master's ubiquitous Hyper 212 family probably won't fit. Riotoro says graphics cards up to 11.8" long (30 cm) will go in the case, though it doesn't list a maximum height spec. We have a feeling cards like with extra-tall PCBs like MSI's Gaming X cards might not squeeze in, though most pixel-pushers should be OK. Whatever components go into the case, they will be upside-down because of the inverted ATX layout.

Cooling support is a bit limited compared to larger cases, but we think is still sufficient for the overwhelming majority of builds. The bottom of the case has a pair of cutouts for 120-mm fans and the front has another pair of fan mounts in the same size. Riotoro says a 120-mm radiator can fit in one of the front fan positions, but makes no mention of 240-mm heat exchangers. The back of the case has an 80-mm fan cutout. The only fan included is a single 120-mm spinner in one of the front positions. The second chamber of the case does not have any provisions for fans other than the unit included in the PSU.

Riotoro doesn't provide a specification for the maximum PSU size, but the position of the drive cages suggests that buyers should be good with most power supplies that aren't extended-length 1500 W units. The second chamber includes mounts for two 2.5" drives and a pair of 3.5" devices. The larger mounts can be converted to hold additional 2.5" drives if desired.

The front of the case is decorated with RGB LED lighting controlled by an "RGB" button on the top panel. That RGB button is joined by a pair of USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and power and reset buttons. The mesh front panel is backed with a foam filter. All I/O connectivity is located on the front of the top panel. The side panel on the motherboard side is made of tinted acrylic to show off the components inside the case. The CR1088 tips the scales at 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg).

Riotoro backs the Prism CR1088 with 90 days of complimentary support and a two-year warranty. The company didn't provide any pricing or availability data, though we did find the case at one UK seller for £75, or around $83 without VAT. Considering the prices of Riotoro's other cases, that amount seems reasonable enough.

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