NEC PA243W has all the colors in the rainbow and then some

NEC Display isn't a name you hear a lot shopping for consumer monitors, but the company's offerings in the professional display space are extremely well-regarded. For example, the MultiSync PA242W got itself an Editors Choice from PC Mag four years ago when it debuted. NEC has just announced an updated version of the PA242W called the PA243W, and this 24" AH-IPS professional monitor appears to carry on the company's tradition of providing superior image quality for serious users.

In our comment threads, many gerbils bemoan the death of the 16:10 aspect ratio (or 8:5, if you prefer). Well, here's one such display. The PA243W uses a 10-bit 1920x1200 AH-IPS panel combined with "Wide Gamut W-LED" backlighting to produce "1.07 billion out of 4.3 trillion colors." That latter number is based on the display's 14-bit look-up tables. NEC says the display can reproduce 99.6% of the Adobe RGB color space, 97% of the NTSC color space, and 96.9% of DCI-P3. It also can cover over 80% of the extremely-wide Rec.2020 color space.

As an IPS display, the PA243W it has the usual 178° viewing angles both horizontally and vertically. NEC specs the PA243W for a fairly typical 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 60 Hz refresh rate in its native resolution. Both numbers are completely acceptable, as they are essentially immaterial to the intended audience for this monitor. Users can hook up to the PA243W using DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI, and even old-school VGA ports. It also has a three-port USB 3.1 hub that's usable as a KVM switch, as well as a pair of 2W speakers. The included stand has height, tilt, and swivel adjustments.

If the NEC PA243W seems like the perfect fit for your image-viewing needs, you'll be able to pick it up in black or white for $950 in "early November." Folks who also need color calibration hardware will be able to grab this display in a bundle along with NEC's SpectraViewII for $1200.

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