TPCast wireless VR kit lets Oculus Rift owners roam free

Just about everyone agrees that VR is more immersive when it works without a rat's nest of cables. Not worrying about tripping over wires is part of the allure of untethered operation, but reducing the number of connections that must be made to get the experience started is likely just as important. We covered TPCast's wireless interface kit for HTC's Vive VR headset, as well as the Sixa Rivvr add-on that is said to work with HMDs from both HTC and Oculus. HTC also has a partnership with Intel to develop a cord-deletion kit using 802.11ad Wi-Fi. TPCast is now back again, announcing an upcoming kit made to work with the Oculus Rift.

RX Module for HTC Vive-specific wireless kit

TPCast claims that its wireless adapters can deliver "2K" video at up to 90 FPS with just 2 ms of latency. John Carmack estimates that anything less than 20 ms of latency is acceptable for most individuals. The battery pack should deliver about five hours of use before a recharge is needed. TPCast's system requires a line of sight between the headset and the transmitter box, but the connection is reportedly difficult to break.

TPCast's kit for the HTC Vive has been available in China for six months and is now shipping in Europe, though it has yet to go up for sale in the US just yet. According to Tom's Hardware, US shipments were supposed to begin last month but units have yet to be delivered to pre-order customers. TPCast plans to have its Rift-specific kits on sale before the end of 2017. The company didn't provide pricing information, but a since-removed page in Microsoft's online store suggested a price of $299. As a reminder, the price of the Oculus Rift itself was just reduced permanently to $399.

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