NZXT's H700i, H400i, and H200i cases have their heads in the clouds

Making high-end PC enclosures is a tough business. Basic cable management features, RGB LED illumination, liquid cooling support, and tempered glass side panels are all available in affordable cases from a number of manufacturers. NZXT's new H-series cases introduce new features, updated fans, and accessories that buyers will actually want to keep in their premium PC builds.

The mini-ITX H200i, microATX H400i, and ATX H700i all pack NZXT's Aer F fans and a built-in "smart device" that's compatible with NZXT's Hue+ and Grid+ illumination and fan control systems. The device can control both fans and LED strips, and has its own microphone for adaptive noise reduction. NZXT claims the module can use this microphone in tandem with an "intelligent, cloud-based algorithm" to develop fan curves that reduce noise by as much as 40% (presumably compared to regular fan controls).

NZXT H700i

The company says all three new H-series chassis are designed to make PC building fun. The cases are built from steel, have tempered glass side panels, and offer plenty of cable management channels and ample room to work. The H700i has the usual ATX complement of seven PCIe expansion slots and mounts for seven 2.5" drives and three 3.5" devices. The case can hold a 280-mm or a 360-mm radiator with fans on both sides in its front panel, and another 280-mm or 360-mm radiator in the top panel. Air-cooling enthusiasts can fit CPU coolers as tall as 185 mm.

NZXT H400i

The number of expansion slots falls to four in the microATX H400i. The number of 2.5" drives drops to three, and only one 3.5" device is invited to the party. The top of the H400i only has room for two 140-mm fans, but liquid-cooling users can add a 120-mm radiator on the back. The shorter front panel will fit 240-mm or 280-mm liquid-to-air heat exchangers. CPU heatsink clearance in this model is 164 mm.

NZXT H200i

Finally, the mini-ITX H200i has the same storage support as the H400i, but the expansion slot count is predictably reduced to two, and front radiator support is limited to 240-mm units. The smallest case loses the rear radiator mount, but gets back the ability to fit a 120-mm heat exchanger in the top panel. Should you go the air cooling route, you can fit a CPU tower cooler as tall as 165 mm.

NZXT packs in its own Aer F fans, though the fine print does say that the included fans specifications deviate a bit from their retail equivalents. The H200i comes with a pair of 120-mm spinners, the H400i comes with three of them, and the H700i has three 120-mm fans and one 140-mm spinner included.

The new H-series cases embrace the current theme of brutalistic design with flat, featureless panels. All three cases are available with four different color combinations, all with a matte finish for the primary color: black or white with black trim, or black with red or blue trim. The cases' top panels have a pair of USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, plus a four-pole audio jack for headsets.

NZXTs's full-size ATX H700i is available now from the manufacturer's website for a princely $200, though it isn't appearing at our favorite third-party online retailers just yet. The microATX H400i will cost $150 when it goes on sale in early November. The mini-ITX H200i will run $130 when it becomes available sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The included fans, the feature-packed RGB LED and fan controller, and the cable management system all make up for the premium price tags.

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