Zotac GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini proves that size doesn't matter

Liquid cooling is seeing a lot of renewed interest lately given how affordable and easy-to-use the gear has become. Once you've got a liquid-cooling rig in your setup, it's fairly trivial to expand it to include your graphics card, too. The hard part could be finding the right waterblock for your graphics card. Zotac could soon help you skip the shopping search with its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini.

Zotac says this is the smallest GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with a waterblock included, and that's probably true. The company gives the card's length as 8.35" (21 cm) and its width as 6.46" (16.4 cm). That latter number is worth noting, though, as the card and its waterblock extend well beyond the expansion slot. Zotac displays the card with its water-cooling fittings extending outward, but capped G 1/4 fittings on the bottom of the water block should let builders move the hose barbs to a vertical orientation if they so choose.

Still, kudos to Zotac for fitting a GTX 1080 Ti on such a short board. The chip onboard is a full-powered GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with no compromises. Its listed speeds are a 1506 MHz base block and a 1620 MHz boost clock. Those work out to a small overclock from the reference specifications, but we'll make our usual remarks about Pascal clock rates being conservative indicators. GPU Boost 3.0 will likely take the GP102 GPU well above those listed figures. The ArcticStorm Mini's dual 8-pin power connectors will likely help with that, too.

Zotac usually covers its graphics cards in the shocking yellow color of its logo, but the company specifically decided to make the GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini in neutral gunmetal grey. The metal backplate gets the same treatment, save for a lighter grey stripe. The waterblock has white LED accents shining through it that Zotac calls "always on."

Zotac hasn't said when the GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini will be available or for how much. The regular-sized GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm card currently goes for $820, so we'd expect the price for the Mini version to hover around that amount.

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