Cooler Master bedazzles the MasterLiquid Lite ML120L and ML240L

Here at TR, we know what you gerbils want. When you're shopping for a closed-loop liquid cooling solution, there's only one thing on your mind: RGB LEDs. We feel the same way. That's why we're really excited about the release of Cooler Master's MasterLiquid Lite ML120L RGB and ML240L RGB. These coolers are functionally identical to the standard MasterLiquid Lite products, but they add scintillating streams of sparkling color on both the fans and the pump.

Jokes aside, we actually didn't talk much about the MasterLiquid Lites so I'll take the opportunity to do that now. These units are closed-loop liquid coolers available with 120-mm or 240-mm radiators. The radiators themselves are actually even slimmer than those included with EK's CoolStream kits, at 1.1" thick (27 mm). Cooler Master doesn't mention the fins-per-inch (FPI) value, but judging from the pictures, it looks pretty high.

The included fans are Cooler Master's own MF120R RGB fans. Cooler Master says that aside from the added lighting, these fans also include a specialized driver IC that purportedly reduces fan noise. There's a three-button controller in the box to set the lights' color, brightness, and pattern. Alternatively, you can hook up the MasterLiquid Lite ML120L RGB and ML240L RGB to seemingly any motherboard with an RGB LED header to master the light show. The block itself will hook up to any recent socket except for AMD's colossal TR4.

Cooler Master just put up the product pages for these two coolers, so we don't yet have word on an official release date. They're already up for sale on Newegg, though—as long as you don't mind buying from Hong Kong. The seller is asking $95 for the ML120L RGB, while the dual-fan ML240L RGB wears a $115 price tag.

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