Sharkoon AM5 Silent arrives boasting loud finishes

PC chassis and accessory maker Sharkoon is expanding its line of AM5 ATX enclosures with the AM5 Silent version. Like its existing windowed sibling, the AM5 Silent is available with blue, red, or titanium color choices for its metallic gloss automotive paint-covered front panel. Both versions of the case have a flat, hole-free panel style that's seemingly sweeping across PC enclosure manufacturers. The Silent model ditches its sibling's acrylic window and adds sound dampening material to the sides, front, and rear panels of the case.

The windowed and quiet versions of the Sharkoon AM5 share the same technical specs. The cases can take mini-ITX, microATX, and ATX motherboards, graphics cards up to 15.8" (40 cm) long, CPU coolers as tall as 6.5" 16.7 cm), and power supplies up to 8.1" (20.5 cm) in length. Storage fiends can pack in three 3.5" drives and two 2.5" devices in addition to whatever M.2 drives are mounted to their motherboards remora-style. The front edge of the top panel has a pair each of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports alongside audio jacks, power and reset buttons, and the standard indicator LEDs. All of those switches and inputs stay attached to the chassis even if the front panel is removed.

The front panel comes with two 140-mm fans pre-installed, and there's another 120-mm spinner mounted to the rear panel. Buyers can put a 280-mm radiator in the front, though maximum total thickness for the heat exchanger and its fans is 2.1" (5.5 cm). The case doesn't have any other fan or radiator mounts, but the manufacturer says there's plenty of room for cable routing behind the motherboard tray and in the power supply tunnel, so at least cabling shouldn't interfere with the airflow from the three fans.

The AM5 measures 8.3" wide, 18.3" tall, and 17.8" deep (21 cm x 47 cm x 45 cm) and weighs 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg) in windowed form or 18.8 lbs (8.5 kg) in its Silent variety. The extra mass in the Silent version comes from the additional steel and sound dampening material. 

The windowed Sharkoon AM5 is available now from Newegg for $60, and European gerbils can pick it up for 60€. Sharkoon didn't provide US pricing for the Silent version, but it did say it will cost 70€ on the old continent. We have a strong suspicion the AM5 Silent will cost $70 when it starts shipping here in America.

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