Nvidia makes the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti official

It's official: Nvidia announced the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti this morning. The GP104 GPU on board the card will have 2432 stream processors, 152 texture units, and 64 ROPs. That chip will be paired with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM running at 8 GT/s on a 256-bit bus for a total of 256 GB/s of memory bandwidth. If you want to know how the GTX 1070 Ti stacks up against a wide range of today's graphics cards, we already did that math. The short story is that the GTX 1070 Ti is most of a GTX 1080 with a potentially lower price tag.

The GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition gets the same vapor-chamber cooler and five-phase "dual-FET" power-delivery subsystem as the GTX 1080 Founders Edition. It'll also inherit the same eight-pin power plug and 180W board power rating from its fully-enabled GP104 sibling. Reference clocks ring in at 1607 MHz base and 1683 MHz boost speeds. Contrary to rumors, overclocking will still be supported on the GTX 1070 Ti, and Nvidia's choice to clothe the chip in GTX 1080 FE raiments should only bolster its headroom.

Nvidia says the GTX 1070 Ti is an ideal upgrade for GTX 970 owners. The company claims its latest card will generally offer those folks a 2X boost in performance. The real job of the card would seem to be taking the wind out of the Radeon RX Vega 56's sails, though. Indeed, Nvidia's internal performance numbers claim anywhere from a 6% to 16% typical lead over the RX Vega 56, excluding a couple outliers.

Nvidia says the GTX 1070 Ti will enjoy "immediate availability" on November 2 with a suggested price of $449. We're already seeing a wide range of partner cards pop up, and we'll be covering them as we can get to them. With GTX 1080 cards still going for a little over $500 and up, though, reviews will have to tease out whether GTX 1070 Ti cards offer enough of the performance of the GTX 1080 for enough of a discount to make them compelling picks. We hope to find out soon.

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