A little gerbil stopped by and told me about this irresistible, geek-lust-inducing case that bit-tech is showing off call the Marco Black. I'm extremely jealous.

a Mr. Alan Collier sends word that his site has been revamped. Seeing as TV cards seems to get orphaned in terms of driver support every time a new Microsoft OS comes out, I'm sure a few of you may find this resource extremely useful to get your TV card working again.

The FBI is getting involved in the security of Microsoft operating systems. Normally they leave the detection and resolution up to the private sector, but it seems they have now taken an interest improving the way that process works. While this on the surface seems like a good thing, it introduces the hand of government into yet another aspect of our lives. I think I can already hear the political debates. Thanks for the heads up, Billb.

Billb also sends word that AOL managed to garner another million users this year, bringing their total to 33 million. While not all of those are dial-up users, I simply never have understood people's desire to use AOL as their ISP. Buggy software, bad connections and poor throughput, bombardment with advertisement via the client, mail, and phone, not to mention higher prices. It is the easiest to use ever, though! Well, at least until you try to figure out where the options are to cut off all the spam.

Welcome to 2002, ladies and gentlemen.

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