Nvidia and AMD lock 'n' load new drivers for Wolfenstein II

Today's the day for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. If you're planning on spending your weekend shooting up sci-fi Nazis, pause just a moment to grab a new driver for your graphics card. Both Nvidia and AMD have new drivers out specifically for the game, so unless you're a true-blue gamer using integrated graphics, it's time to upgrade your software.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Nvidia's GeForce Hotfix Driver 388.10 specifically addresses a game crash on Kepler GPUs (those on GeForce GTX 600- and GTX 700-series cards). However, it's possible that the newer driver might help users with recent graphics cards avoid any hangups or hitches that might arise in Machine Games' new Blazkowicz epic. The guys in green say that there will be another Game Ready driver release for the game early next week, too.

Destiny 2

On red corner, we have AMD's just-released Radeon Software version 17.10.3. This release specifically addresses stability issues in a certain mission of Destiny 2, as well as a crash bug for Vega users in Wolfenstein II. AMD doesn't call its driver a hotfix, but the new versions's list of fixed and known issues appears to be otherwise similar, if not identical to, that of the Radeon 17.10.2 drivers.

You can pick up the 388.10 hotfix on Nvidia's customer service page. If you're after that Radeon 17.10.3 software instead, head over to the company's download site to grab it.

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