MSI Infinite X high-end desktop is fueled by Coffee Lake

Building a gaming PC is easier than it's ever been, but there's still a sizable part of the market that doesn't want to select individual components, turn a screwdriver, or have to call upon a merry-go-round of different companies in the event of a problem. MSI is catering to that group with its just-announced Infinite X gaming desktop. The Infinite X is built around the best gaming CPU on the market right now, Intel's Core i7-8700K.

The machine has a lot in common with the Infinite A desktop the company announced just a couple of months ago. The six-core, twelve-thread CPU and the accompanying Z370 motherboard are the key differences. That mobo enables overclocking the Core i7-8700K CPU, and has four DIMM slots capable of holding up to 64 GB of memory. MSI will fill those slots with rather pedestrian 2400 MT/s modules, though.

Networking comes courtesy of a Realtek Gigabit Ethernet controller and an Intel combo adapter with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 support. The Infinite X can take in a pair of M.2 SSDs, one 2.5" storage device, and a pair of 3.5" hard drives. That ought to be more than enough for the needs of gamers with large Steam catalogs. The components get their juice from an 80 Plus Bronze-rated 550 W power supply.

MSI will offer buyers a choice of custom-designed video cards all the way up to its take on Nvidia's globe-dominating GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Whatever graphics card the buyer chooses, it will be mounted up against the side panel of the case connected to the motherboard by a riser card or cable.

The case uses a "Silent Storm Cooling 3" three-chamber design to isolate the processor, graphics card, and power supply from one another. The case's side panel can be had either as a ventilated plain back panel or a tempered glass sheet. The performance-obsessed might want to opt for the ventilated panel for improved cooling of the riser-mounted graphics card.

The front panel has audio jacks plus USB 3.0 Type-A and Type-C ports. Notable connectors around the back include an SPDIF output, four more USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a pair of USB 2.0 connectors, an old-school PS/2 plug, and DisplayPort and HDMI outputs for the processor's integrated graphics.

MSI wasn't ready to talk about the price tag on the Infinite X just yet, but the company says the first units will ship next month. For reference, the top-of-the-line version of the existing Infinite A sells for $1900 at Amazon. That machine packs a Core i7-7700K CPU, 16 GB of 2400 MT/s memory, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, and a storage combo comprising a 512 GB SSD and 2 TB hard drive. We would expect a similarly-specced Infinite X to sell for just a bit more.

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    • K-L-Waster
    • 5 years ago

    Pretty sure the “S” in “MSI” does not stand for “Subtle”.

    • K-L-Waster
    • 5 years ago

    It’s primary purpose is to show off the GPU. I’m sure any air and dust transfer that may also occur is purely coincidental….

    • NTMBK
    • 5 years ago

    Actually, I’d argue that they’re not unnecessary in this one case. The GPU is turned through 90 degrees and pushed hard up against that side panel, so the vents allow for direct feed of clean air to the axial cooler.

    EDIT: Though it’s a bit worrying that they’re missing on the glass model. Another reason why glass side panels are a ****ing stupid idea.

    • ronch
    • 5 years ago

    Somehow MSI designers think high end things need to look outrageous. Or weird. I dunno.

    • Chrispy_
    • 5 years ago

    Argh, unfiltered, unnecessary vents in the side panel again.

    They clearly don’t need to be there because the glass panel isn’t drilled with [i<]noise escapement and dust ingress ports[/i<] now, is it?!

    • Anonymous Coward
    • 5 years ago


    • JosiahBradley
    • 5 years ago

    That link on Amazon is spec’ed as a 7700(non K) so expect a bit more for the final price. [EDIT] If it sports an 8700K that is.

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