Watercool drops big copper blocks on Threadripper CPUs

Between Alphacool, EK Water Blocks, and Aqua Computer, it seems like the lion's share of custom open-loop water cooling hardware comes out of Europe these days. German outfit Watercool is also a part of this liquid-soaked techno dance party. The company's upcoming Heatkiller IV full-coverage CPU waterblock for AMD's enormous Threadripper processors is the company's latest salvo against high CPU temperatures. Watercool has three versions of the block, all CNC-machined in Germany from blocks of pure copper.

The first version has an all-copper coldplate and cover. The second variation has the same copper construction, but the coldplate and the top cover are coated in nickel and polished to a glossy finish. The third version is made for those looking for a bit more flash. It has a nickel-plated cold plate and a cover made of acrylic and black anodized aluminum. A pre-installed RGB LED strip is tailed with a braided sleeved cable that can connect to the RGB LED headers on late-model enthusiast motherboards.

Pre-orders for Watercool's Heatkiller IV for Threadripper begin tomorrow and have a 10% discount. The copper-finished version will ship on November 10 and the two nickel-plated models will be available on November 24. The company didn't reveal pricing, but its current AM4 waterblocks are currently hovering around $97. We expect the much-larger TR4 models to go for a bit more.

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    • Waco
    • 2 years ago

    Want. I love my current Heatkiller block…if I go TR I’m definitely snagging one of these.

      • juzz86
      • 2 years ago

      They build a beautiful block. The workmanship and finish is excellent. They’re also quickly becoming one of the last bastions of mostly-unadulterated Copper on the market, and I hope they hang onto that.

      I had a pair of GTX470s with their Copper blocks before I switched to Koolance on the GTX 690, and they were beautiful.

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