Lian-Li Alpha 550 melds steel, glass, and RGB LEDs

According to The Guru of 3D, the Lian-Li Alpha 550 is about to hit the market. We saw this case at Computex this year, and its model name alone might have tipped Lian Li fans off to that fact it marks a departure from the company's usual brushed aluminum styling. The Alpha 550 is an E-ATX computer case assembled from a steel frame and four tempered glass panels.


You'd better keep your cabling clean, because the glass panels go on the front, top, and sides of the case. Besides displaying your wire spaghetti, the glass panels will also allow RGB LEDs to shine through. Lian-Li will help you along with that endeavor by including three Bora 120 RGB LED fans as well as a built-in control unit. Show-offs will appreciate the pair of vertical expansion slots intended for mounting a graphics card parallel to the motherboard with a riser cable.

As for the case's dimensions, the Alpha 550 is a large mid-tower. It stands 21.5" (55 cm) tall, is 17.7" (45 cm) deep, and 9" (23 cm) wide. It'll take in probably the biggest power supplies, graphics cards, and CPU coolers you can find, and it has a shroud to separate the power supply and drives from the hotter components. Builders can stick up to four 3.5" drives and five 2.5" drives in the case simultaneously.


Cooling accoutrements can consist of up to three 120-mm or 140-mm fans in the front, three in the top, and a single 120-mm spinner in the rear. Alternatively, you could mount a 360-mm radiator in the front and a massive 420-mm radiator in the top. Lian-Li doesn't mention any particular accomodations for liquid-cooling, but we're sure enterprising enthusiasts can make it work in the Alpha 550.

The Guru of 3D says that Lian-Li's latest luxury will launch with both black and white finishes on November 10 for $239.

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