Xigmatek’s Glare 7A case wears a mask of glass

Xigmatek is the latest company to announce a computer case with tempered-glass panels, although this isn't the company's first glass case. The distinguishing feature of the new Glare 7A is a single tempered glass panel that makes up the front panel. The side panel is a single sheet of smoky acrylic. Besides the clear sides, the Xigmatek Glare 7A is a fairly standard steel ATX mid-tower chassis.

Thanks to the current design, "Standard" in this case means that the case comes with all the conveniences you expect from a modern offering. Accoutrements includes cable management space behind the motherboard's baseplate, a shroud to section off the power supply and drives, and plenty of space for oversized CPU coolers and graphics cards. As a nice touch, the shroud has a porthole to allow access to the two 3.5" drive sleds without having to open up the back of the case. A pair of 2.5" drives can mount on top of the shroud.

If you're into color-coordinated computers, make sure you grab red and black hardware. The four fans that Xigmatek includes with the Glare 7A are red LED-illuminated 120-mm models. You can mount three more 120-mm fans in the top of the case, or a pair of 140-mm spinners. Likewise, the top of the case will take a 280-mm or 360-mm radiator, and you can mount a 240-mm model in the front. The top vent includes a magnetic filter that can be removed and cleaned separate from the case itself. As the entire front panel is used for airflow, there are no 5.25" bays.

Xigmatek hasn't announced when the Glare 7A will be available or for how much. Given the relatively minimal use of glass on this chassis, we wouldn't expect it to carry much of a premium over similar cases with plastic or steel fascias.

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    • Khali
    • 2 years ago


    • Lord.Blue
    • 2 years ago

    Now if only it came with a Blue or Green highlighted version.

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