Star Wars Collectors' Edition Titan Xps are the cards you're looking for

Star Wars fans, take note. Nvidia is releasing two limited editions of its Titan Xp ├╝bercard today that commemorate everybody's favorite galaxy far, far away: one for fans of the Jedi Order, and another for adherents of the Galactic Empire.

Each card has a cooler shroud with details inspired by famous lightsabers wielded by Sith lords or Jedi knights, and they'll carry corresponding red or green backlighting to complete the effect. These Titans will come with suitably-themed presentation boxes, as well. A close look at the cooler shrouds on these cards will reveal careful weathering and detailing that's worthy of the Lucasfilm prop department.

No matter which side of the Force you embrace, you can turn over $1200 for one (and only one) of these limited-edition pixel-pushers when pre-orders open November 8 at 6 AM PT. Only GeForce Experience users in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany will be able to get a crack at those pre-order slots, so be sure to sign up today if you're angling for one of these babies. Presumably, whatever cards aren't spoken for during the pre-order window will be available come November 17.

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