TPCast wireless kit for the HTC Vive reaches North America

Virtual reality is all fun and games until you step on the cords, possibly adding insult to injury by getting tangled in them. A while back, TPCast promised an add-on for the HTC Vive that would get rid of the rat's nest of wiring in favor of a sleek wireless unit that couples to the headset. The company is now letting North American customers know that they can finally preorder the adapter and enter the age of wireless VR.

The main TPCast kit is a five-piece job. The receiver goes on top of the headset and is accompanied by a separate power box with a battery that should juice up the whole contraption for up to five hours. On the computer side, there's an HDMI transmitter and a router to plug in. Other than replacing the included Vive cables with those from the TPCast kit, the installation process looks to be simple enough.

Earlier reports of the experience were promising and indicated that exaggerated head movements don't seem to perturb the transmission, and that there's apparently no noticeable added delay. TPCast itself says that transmission delay should be under 2 ms, too, and that the image quality should be the same as if you were using good ol' cables.

The TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive is up for preorder now at Newegg for $299.99 or the TPCast store for $299. TPCast also mentions Amazon as a seller, but a preorder page doesn't seem to be up just yet. Units are expected to start shipping by November 24.

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