EKWB CoolStream Slim line grows with 420- and 560-mm radiators

Radiators measuring 360 mm in length are considered large in a scene seemingly swimming in 120- and 240-mm AIO coolers. We really take notice when a case can accept plus-sized heat exchangers measuring 420 mm, too. EK Water Blocks is adding both that size and an enormous 560-mm model to its CoolStream Slim line of radiators. The number of cases we can recall that explicitly support 560-mm radiators is pretty close to the number of digits on a human hand, but we're sure plenty of EK's crazier customers can find ways to fit them in places not meant for such large cooling units.

Fan shown for scale, not included.

The new CoolStream models may be super-long, but their width and depth are minimized in an effort to maximize compatibility. Both versions are just 28 mm thick and their width is exactly the same as the frame of a standard 140-mm fan. The radiators have a 22-fins-per-inch design built using an aluminum-and-steel housing, brass tanks, and copper fins. The port threads accept standard G 1/4 fittings.

The matte black finish on the radiators' end tanks and fins lends them an understated appearance, so showoffs will have to add RGB LED-bedazzled water blocks and reservoirs or transparent tubes full of colorful coolant to make their liquid-cooled systems stand out.

The CoolStream SE 420 is available now from EK's web store for $90 (or 89.95€ in Europe). The XXXL CoolStream SE 560 is also shipping now for $110 (or 109.95€).

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