Firefox 57 brings Project Quantum to the masses

Back when it became the most popular alternative to the then-dominant Internet Explorer, one of the best features of the Firefox browser was its speed. Its competitors caught up and crushed it in that regard long ago, but today marks the launch of a new version of Firefox that might turn things around. The latest release, simply numbered 57, brings Project Quantum's changes to the main release channel.

Project Quantum's improvements have been available on Firefox's developer channel since September, but now the package of performance optimizations is available to all Firefox users. Mozilla says that Quantum represents major changes to the browser's most basic components, including its CSS and JavaScript engines. Firefox should now make better used of multi-threading and GPU acceleration where applicable, and should use significantly less memory. Purportedly, the new release is twice as fast as it was this time last year. The site for the new version also touts the updated browser's aggressive tracking protection and built-in ad- and script-blocking features.

If you use Firefox, you probably have already upgraded to the latest version. If you don't, maybe it's time to give Mozilla's alternative browser another shot.

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