1. littlewhitedog has USB 2.0 patches for Windows XP (thanks dakar)
  2. Warp2Search has new Radeon 8500 beta drivers
  3. Fuji Canada's 3GB floppy
  4. Psycho-Hardware's how-to guides: LAN party and networking
  5. Digit-Life's December hardware digest
  6. Target PC's CES 2002 contest
  7. is opening its doors to hosting computer/gaming sites
  8. Help wanted: PowerPC senior/lead microarchitect (thanks billb)

  1. AKIBA has new CPU: "1Giga Pro" ~ VIA C3 1GHz?
    and misprinted retail Pentium 4 boxes (thanks Firestone)
  2. AMDZone reports on USB 1.1 incompatibilities with AMD-760 MPX mobos (thanks billb)
  3. Amdmb reviews Iwill XP333-R
  4. 3dXtreme on manually assigning IRQ's in the BIOS
  5. Dark-Tweaker on EPoX EP-8KHA+ BIOS settings (in German)
  6. Noticias3D's voltage mod for VIA KT266A motherboards (in Spanish)
Multimedia and cooling

  1. TweakTown reviews Hercules XPS510 5.1 speaker system
  2. Mikhailtech reviews Black Icemat
  3. Think Techie reviews GlobalWIN SAK38 HSF
  4. 8Balls Hardware compares GlobalWIN CAK-II38 & SAK38 heatsinks
  5. Jsi Hardware reviews AVGS Ice Hole fan adapter
  6. ReviewMaker reviews Cooler Master HHC-001 heatsink
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