EVGA DG-7 cases cover every base

We spilled some electronic ink describing EVGA's DG-7 line of cases back in June, and they're available now for preorder. As a refresher, the DG-7 cases sits right below the company's premium DG-8 line. All four DG-7 models (DG-73, DG-75, DG-76 and DG-77) are designed to ensconce systems assembled around Mini-ITX, microATX, or ATX motherboards. The frames and right-side panels are made of steel regardless of model, but going higher up the product ladder results in steel and plastic giving way to tempered glass.

The entry-level DG-73 has a steel left side panel with an acrylic window and comes with two fans. The DG-75 has tempered glass side and front panels. The DG-76 adds a K-Boost button for toggling overclocking profiles on compatible graphics cards and CPUs, as well as an RGB LED-illuminated fan, an RGB LED controller and an I/O cover. Users can program the LED controller using EVGA's DG Tuner utility. The top-of-the-line DG-77 adds a fourth fan and a vertical graphics card mounting kit that's optional on the lesser models.

Buyers can shove graphics cards as long as 15.3" (39 cm) and as wide as 5.9" (15 cm) into the cases. The company didn't provide a maximum CPU cooler height, but we imagine it's pretty close to that maximum video card width figure. Putting all that gear inside and making a DG-7 case look ship-shape should be fairly straightforward given the built-in cable management, power supply shroud, and hidden hard drive trays. Builders can fit up to seven fans inside the chassis. Liquid-cooling aficionados can fit 360-mm radiators behind the front panel and 240-mm heat exchangers under the top.

All models measure 18.8" (48 cm) tall and are between 7.8" to 8.3" (20 to 21 cm) wide and between 18.5" to 18.9" (47 to 48 cm) deep. DG-7 series cases tip the scales at 17.7 to 22.4 lbs (or 8 to 10.1 kg) depending on how much tempered glass a specific version contains.

Interested gerbils can pre-order one of EVGA's DG-7 cases now and expect to receive it in mid-December. The black DG-73 costs $60 (at Amazon or Newegg) and the two tempered glass panels in the DG-75 boost the asking price to $90 (from Amazon or Newegg). The RGB goodies in the DG-76 add another $30, bringing the total to $120 (as seen at the rainforest retailer or the fresh ovum). The top-of-the-line DG-77 and its three tempered glass sides, the graphics card riser, and the fourth fan clocks in at $140 (available at Amazon or Newegg too). The DG-73 is only available in black, but white versions of the other three models are an option for an extra $10. EVGA backs all DG-7 models with a three-year warranty.

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