Rumor: December Radeon drivers will bring a performance OSD

Ever since the Catalyst Omega update way back in 2014, AMD's been doing a major Radeon driver release every year. These big releases add new features and functionality to the driver software, like last year's ReLive update. It's getting to be about that time again. While we haven't heard anything from AMD directly, a fan going by the name of BlazeK_AMDRT tweeted a couple of curious images alluding to an upcoming update.

The purported update is codenamed "Crimson ReLive Redux I'm Still CatalystMaker v 2.4." The name is preposterous, although it's possible that it's an internal codename that's never meant to see the light of day. The new version will apparently expand the ReLive in-game overlay to include performance monitoring features à la MSI Afterburner. Judging from the possibly-spurious screenshot, the slick overlay UI has the ability to record performance metrics, as well. We do wonder which AMD GPU runs at 3.2 GHz as shown on the screenshot, though.

 Blazek_AMDRT didn't elaborate on where he got the two supposed screenshots, but users on the /r/AMD sub-Reddit seem to think they're re-posts of an earlier leak that we apparently missed out on. Whatever the case, we'll probably know what the deal is in about a month, give or take.

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