Virtual PC review produces real Mac humor

Mark writes:
Ok, I don’t really go for the whole Mac thing. In fact, I got a friend away from the horrible cult that are those macolytes (is that even a word?), so I used to hear a lot of Mac propaganda. But when I read this review of Virtual PC 5 for the Mac, I nearly lost it. In this article the "reviewer" (and I use that word lightly) ends his article like this:
With the advent of this new version, PC users have no problem crossing over to the Mac. It's one thing to tell PC users that a Mac is better, but to show them that even a PC is better when it runs on a Mac really drives the point home.
As you can tell this review is a little more than biased. But check it out for yourself it’s a good read ;) and I think the readers of The Tech Report would really find this article interesting.
No doubt they would. My favorite part of the review is this bit:
Since more and more IT pros are toting PowerBooks these days, this is a handy feature.
Really? I hadn't noticed the trend.
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