Report: Microsoft makes Office available to all compatible Chromebooks

The Microsoft of old used its globe-dominating Office suite as a way to keep people in its ecosystem, producing only versions for Windows and Apple's Macintosh. The company changed its tune a great deal under the leadership of Satya Nadella, offering up Office for iOS devices and Android. After the release of a version of Windows seemingly pointed right at Google's second OS, Redmond is now rolling out Microsoft Office for all Chromebooks capable of running Android apps.

Screenshot taken on a Samsung Chromebook Pro

According to Chrome Unboxed, Microsoft's Office apps for Android have been available in the Google Play Store for some Chromebooks for over a year. However, the outlet reports that Office apps would randomly appear and disappear from the Play Store for various Chromebooks. The Office apps consistently worked on Google's high-end Pixel laptops, but users of more mainstream Chromebooks weren't often so lucky.

Microsoft hasn't issued a press release about the widespread availability of its flagship office suite on Chrome OS, but Chrome Unboxed says that it has received numerous reports of Office being available for nearly all known Chromebooks with Play Store support. Our own Jeff Kampman confirmed that Office was working on his Samsung Chromebook Pro. Chromebooks are popular in educational and business settings, and despite the corresponding ascendance of Google's G Suite, the availability of Office is still a key requirement for many a user in those scenarios.

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