SilverStone Primera PM02 offers tempered glass and high airflow

Plain, featureless front panels and tempered glass sides are current trends in PC enclosure design, but the combination of these features has led to some cases that can't keep the RGB-LED-festooned parts inside particularly cool. SilverStone's new Primera PM02 chassis ditches clunky-looking external drive bays and perforates the entire front panel with plenty of holes that look ready to provide prodigious air flow. The PM02 is one of the few cases we've seen with a front-panel-mounted USB 3.1 Type-C connector, too.

The PM02 follows a familiar blueprint for an enthusiast PC enclosure. The power supply and 3.5" drive cages go under a shroud, the 2.5" sleds sit behind the motherboard, and the top and bottom panels are ventilated with removeable magnetic dust filters. The back of the motherboard tray has plenty of tie-down locations and grommeted holes for neat cable routing. SilverStone uses a set of four thumbscrews to secure the tinted tempered glass side. For the time being, the PM02 comes in two versions: a white case with blue accents and lighting, and a black version with red illumination and trim. We suspect an RGB LED-lit variant will come at some point in the future.

The newest Primera showcases its biggest tricks front and center. The leading edge of the top panel has three USB 3.1 Type-A ports rather than the usual two and adds a USB 3.1 Type-C connector for good measure. The mesh front panel appears to be stamped from a single sheet of steel and is highlighted with a SilverStone logo projected onto the case's supporting surface.

The case measures 19.3" tall, 8.7" wide, and 18" deep (49 cm x 22 cm x 46 cm) and tips the scales at a whopping 19.7 lb (8.8 kg). Tempered glass and steel are not known for their light weight. The case can hold an ATX motherboard, three 3.5" hard drives, and three 2.5" storage devices. Graphics cards up to a positively-ludicrous 16.3" (41 cm) can take up residence within. Builders will find room for CPU tower coolers up to 6.6" tall (16.7 cm). Power supplies up to 7.5" (19 cm) will fit in the basement.

The case comes with a generous allotment of three 140-mm PWM fans in the front panel and another one in the rear. Builders can add another pair of 120- or 140-mm air movers to the top panel. Liquid-cooling fanatics can stuff a 280- or 360-mm radiator in the front, a 280-mm heat exchanger in the top, and a 140-mm unit in the rear. The case's large feet should help in keeping those fans from inhaling as much dust as they would if the case body was directly on the floor.

SilverStone didn't provide any pricing or availability information, but the Primera PM02's nifty features and four included 140-mm PWM fans probably add up to a high-end price tag. For reference, the tempered glass-less Primera PM01 retails for $130 in its white-and-blue and black-and-red forms. The company backs the case with a one-year warranty.

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